Creativity X

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​     By chance encounter, you and I met. If you have creativity and passion, Mee & Gee provides the stage you need to achieve your dreams, and put your products (The design direction is mainly clothing, handbags, and accessories) in Mee & Gee Creative X consignment allows you to add success to the development of Hong Kong's creative industries.

We seek such products

High quality
Original design
         One creation, one story. In order to present the uniqueness of the product, I hope that the designer will record the creative process in text or the product manufacturing process in short video format,after collating the information ,Mee & Gee will publish it on FB  with the product picture and attach the post link to the product surface in the store . 

Specific Process


 Submit product photos

Email the photo of the product first:  , The photo must clearly show the front, back, side, bottom, four corners, inner side, hand bar, shoulder strap, and accessories of the product



1) The storage time limit must be at least one month (30 days) from the receipt of the product, otherwise the owner shall bear the administrative cost of 10% of the price of the goods. If the product has not been sold for a month,Mee & Gee reserves the right to return the product.

2) The actual payment received by the customer will be based on the actual selling price.

3) If the merchandise has been reserved, our store does not accept recalled merchandise.

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The staff will initially check the photos, and if they meet the requirements, they will discuss the consignment price of the product with the customer. The consignment price will be positioned based on the creative composition, market value and demand, newness, size, and material of the product. The suggested retail price is Hkd1000 Inside



In addition to physical stores, products will also be uploaded to the Mee & Gee online store, official Facebook, Instagram

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After the price is negotiated together, the customer needs to send the relevant consignment product to the Tsim Sha Tsui branch for further physical review and inspection and records. The product will be stored in a designated area for other customers to purchase


Profit sharing

60% of creators, 40% of our company (including promotional expenses). Remit the money to the creator's Hong Kong bank account / electronic payment platform within 7 -10 working days after the sale (no cash transactions are accepted)